Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

Although work focuses on impact crater formation, I am interested in using numerical modeling to approach a range of other topics:


R. R. Herrick (lead) et al., (E. Bjonnes) (2023)Space Sci Rev 219 (29)

E. Bjonnes, B. C. Johnson, and J. C. Andrews-Hanna (2023) JGR: Planets, 128 (4).

T. Rolf and M. B. Weller (co-leads) et al. (E. Bjonnes) (2022) Space Sci Rev 218, (70)

E. Bjonnes, B. C. Johnson, E. A. Silber, K. N. Singer and A. J. Evans. (2022) Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 127 (4)

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E. A. Silber, B. C. Johnson, E. Bjonnes, MacGregor, J. A., Kjaer, K. H., Larsen, N. K., and Wiggins, S. E. (2021) Earth and Planetary Science Letters 566

E. Bjonnes, B. C. Johnson, and A. J. Evans. Estimating Venusian thermal conditions using multiring basin morphology. (2021) Nature Astronomy

E. Bjonnes, V. L. Hansen, B. James, and J. B. Swenson (2012) Icarus 217, 451-461.


Bevan French Fund, Brown University

AGU Annual Meeting, 2018

University of Minnesota - Duluth, September 2006

Rutgers University, 2005

Aresty Foundation, 2005

Rutgers University, 2004-2005

Conference Proceedings

Meteoritical Society

Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

American Geophysical Union

Geological Society of America

Teaching Experience

I've been fortunate enough to  have several teaching opportunities during my time at Brown:

Teaching Assistant Experience:

Summer Teaching Experience


PhD - Brown University

July 2017  - October 2021

Awarded Transitional Masters Degree - Spring 2019

Masters of Science - University of Minnesota Duluth

July 2006  - January 2009

Major: Planetary Science

Dual Bachelors of Sciences - Cook College, Rutgers University

Majors: Astrophysics/Geology

Minor: Meteorology

Sept 2001  - January 2006

Work Experience

Petroleum Geo-Services, Houston TX

July 2012  -February 2017

Project Interpreter II

CGG Veritas, Houston TX

April 2009  - July 2012

Seismic Interpreter